I found out that there are more photos to go into the slide show! I didn’t get all of the “sunsplash” photos from the last day of camp! So I need to dig up 2 more songs and then It   Read More »

I have ordered my sb800 flash it is on it’s way. I should have it within the week if UPS is doing it job. I can’t wait. I’ve even ordered a softbox and diffuser off of ebay! Got an awesome   Read More »

I think it’s finished!!!!! The slideshow is all put together. I’ll be taking it there when devan has gym today to see what everyone thinks. It’s hard to find a that many songs that don’t have at least a few   Read More »

Here is the cover!

Right here, right now….

(image placeholder) Just testing out this new blogger for WORD.  I am just finishing up all of the Summer Camp slide shows that I have created for the gym.  Just need to add some music and do some testing to burn them   Read More »

Kids are back from gymnastics — devan has 5 hours on Saturday. She has all her routines!!! Her first meet is on September 10th/11th and it’s a Compulsory Critique meet. This will allow the judges to see the routines performed   Read More »

WIPE-OUT!!!! Nathan skated down one of the hills at the park and did wonderful — then did it again and totally BIFFED IT! Poor kid, we even got it on video. We put some neosporin on it and he’s great   Read More »

Devan venturing over to the ramada that again, is normally 1 foot above the waterline…..

Don’t forget — NO SWIMMING. After I told the kids what kind of “water” most of this was they were grossed out that they even put their feet in with their shoes…. YICK!

You can see the arrow at the top pointing to the sidewalk that is normally about 1 foot ABOVE the water level. So basically the water ROSE ONE FOOT plus then came UP the hill another 20 feet. They were   Read More »