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Spiffy how this works….. but i can’t get the banner in this stupid one either. Why isn’t anything SIMPLE and straight forward?????? HUH???????????????????

Ok so that worked…NOW…

let’s see if I can post an image to it as well….  

This could be cool

I’m going to try and email an entry to blogger.  If this works this will simplify a lot of things.  I don’t know if I’ll be able to post photos or images from here but even to post this has   Read More »

It’s been great catching up on some blogs I’ll be listing a few of my favorites soon when I get a chance.

Planning on slowly (so i don’t burn out) getting the house organized. I figure a little bit at a time will not make me get overwhelmed and want to just toss it all out the window. No before pictures, however   Read More »

Well we got back from Kingman today and Devan’s second meet went really great. Did all of her routines and got 3rd on Beam and 4th on Vault and 5th on Floor (even going with a big ‘ole mess up,   Read More »

Ok Devan had her first meet today — didn’t take the camera (shock). It was a critique meet and they didn’t actually post scores, although they did get some. They really picked apart the girls routines. I don’t think anyone   Read More »




using the flash wirelessly with the black backdrop. can’t wait to get my softbox i think that will make a huge difference.