Little Santa’s…..

I just wanted to share a quick photo. I just thought they were too adorable to keep all to myself. A friend of mine has twins (totally unexpected) and this is their first Christmas. They are the cutest little Santa’s.   Read More »

Old Blog….

Here is a link to the old blog over at TypePad. OLD BLOG I’m moving what I can over to here as long as it doesn’t involve more than copy and pasting. Some of the photos I’ll move over as   Read More »

Suns…. here we go again!

Those amazing SUNS! They had an incredible game tonight here is a link to the highlights! LINK I know they are going to have an amazing season! All the kids still remember last year and are really excited about this   Read More »


Well I was going to move my posts over here from typepad, but I’m not sure how exactly. There really isn’t any import way from what I’ve researched about blogger. But that is fine. Most anyone who knows me has   Read More »

What a trip…..

Now that I am home from my trip I’ll begin to share a few of the photos and things from all my worldly travels. Well I just have to say that I was just so thrilled to be back HOME   Read More »