Busy Weekend….

Things have been very busy around the Wickland household. Between all the gymnastics meets, Soccer games and practices and Casey having to go out of town a lot lately it’s been crazy…… Connor, Devan and Nathan are still in meet   Read More »

Portfolio Building…..

I am going to start a new catagory/label for portfolio building. Here I will post things that are extra special and exclusive. come back soon!


Taylor really loves this song, and I’ve been a John Mayer fan for longer than he has become POPULAR — drives me nuts when things become pop culture and they have no idea what the “BEFORE” was….. anyways, Taylor has   Read More »

Posting from email….

Well this is something that I had not seen before, let’s see if I can post from email….. that would be fun!!!!


Just a few fun pictures to share —

Block it Taylor…..

Another fun one. Taylor just made a great block…….

Soccer anyone……..

Today was the day I took the team photos for Taylor’s soccer team. While we were waiting for everyone to show up, I took a few of her. I’ll post more but here is a nice one. She is so   Read More »