Video of the Day….

As for the very last moment for the last day of October of the last 2007 I have the following entry. Some will get what I am saying some will not and that is perfect I wouldn’t have it any   Read More »

Here comes Noel….

So we missed the storm — well sort of — apparently when we were there we saw parts of it. Had Casey known this we would probaly still be there — Casey’s big dream is to be in a hurricaine   Read More »

Boo — Happy Halloween

Here are a few from the Halloween Night…. Halloween 2007

Carve a Pumpkin….

Just a little fun bit for Halloween Season — Try your hand at carving your own pumpkin! Just click on the image below…. Have a very HAPPY and SAFE Halloween!!! BOO!!!!!!!!!!

Maya and Sadie….

I’m not sure if I have ever posted a picture of Sadie and Maya (L-R). These are the puppies we lost to PARVO.


Apparently we just missed Casey’s hurricaine…

Becca’s Puppy….

Here are some pictures of Becca’s Puppy Kohleus —

Happy Halloween…..

More pictures from Puerto Rico….

here are some more albums to check out — Puerto Rico – Day 2 and a few more Puerto Rico – Day 3

GOOOOD morning puerto rico….

Puerto Rico Updated photos — it will be the same link most likely — just check back and leave off where you left off! KEWL!