Martha Stewart Mother Dies…

I’m not a huge MS fan but it’s something to remember… I have “grown up” watching them and it was always nice to see them interacting… and they always had great polish recipies and stories….


Just wanted to express my conolences to those in the great white north…. you poor people, ahhhhhh really I’m not rubbing it in…. Really — love you all….. Oh and one more thing… And you thought I wouldn’t mention that   Read More »

What is WiKi….

Wiki Wiki is a reduplication of wiki, a Hawaiian-language word for fast. The word “wiki” (/wiːkiː wiːkiː/) is a shorter form of wiki wiki. WikiWikiWeb was the first site to be called a wiki. It all started with that website   Read More »

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas……

EVERYWHERE BUT HEREEEEEEE (sing with me) — Took this today about 3:00 or so — ya it’s cold — in my AIR-conditioned van…… sheesh!!!

Devan’s State Meet….

Not her best meet by any means, however it was a crazy “political” meet. So those of you that are familiar with gymnastics and specifically Arizona USAG gymnastics you’ll know what I mean. She had her best performance ever however   Read More »

Jordin Sparks is gonna be in Tempe….

Here CD comes out tomorrow! She’s amazing, and I’m not just saying that because she’s from right here in Arizona. We have voted for her and rooted for her since day one! We are proud to have her be out   Read More »

Nathan’s Meet….

Here is is his meet from today! His first Level 5 meet of the season! He did great! WATCH HIS MEET HERE!! — CLICK!!!

Suns won again….

Woo hoo, they are HOT HOT! Just like the song says!!! Here are todays scores…

Suns are Rockin’……

They are winning another one with about 2 minutes left in the game. The Phoenix Suns are HOT HOT!! My kids love that song… They beat the Bulls 102 to 113 — WOO HOOO!! Now do you think that this   Read More »

Connor’s State Meet….

WOW she did incredible — here are the pictures: Connor Level 4 State Meet She ended up 6th in the state out of 32 kids…. she received a medal on every event which didn’t happen to everyone. She is now   Read More »