Connor and Nathan Halloween 2008……

Here are a few photos of the kids doing their trick or treating. It wasn’t such a busy night in our neighborhood. We thought for sure since it was going to be on a Friday night that it would bring   Read More »

Trying a new Blog input…..

I heard of Windows Live Writer, and am going to give it a try.  I don’t know how keen I am on using anything windows based at all, but here we go, I am willing to give it at least   Read More »

Twilight the Movie….

I have read the books and they are phenominal…. I hope that the movie can live up to my expectations!!

New way to post to the web…………

This so far will work well as long as I can figure out gw to doattachments. Ill have to do some research on that one justdisregard this post its purely for my benefit — Sent from my mobile device Kristie   Read More »

This a test…..

I am going to try and use this the right way first phone to blog post. — Sent from my mobile device

Cool New Desktop….

For October, I have the new desktop that I got at shabbyprincess Gotta love it….. It goes right along with the new blog header. They have the greatest stuff over there. Easy to use and FAST!!! You should give it   Read More »

Reminder to Back-up….

Just a reminder to all of you out there to back up your data on your computer. I have to take my laptop in to BestBuy yet again and luckly I have gotten into the [good] habit of putting my   Read More »