Connor at Spring Championships 2009…….

Here are the photos (blurry) from Spring Championships….. I think that the other camera is much better for these photos – eventhough it’s still hard to capture a moving object in a dark room using no flash — so I   Read More »

Connor’s Meet…..

Here is Connor at her meet this last weekend.  I had some isses with the music so it’s not the best video — I’ll try and fix it sometime later……

Devan’s Meet……

Here are some still shots of Devan’s Meet…. You can’t use flash and I didn’t take my super duper camera because I’m always a basket case at these anyways, so getting what I can is as good as it gets   Read More »

Lucky Sphynx…..

Devan’s Lucky Cat — She looks like a sphynx

Taylor’s Honor Band Concert…..

Students are selected by their ability and willingness to learn more difficult music and then tested and audtion for the district to qualify for the All-district Honor Band.   This year Taylor qualified and went on to perform in her   Read More »

Bling for the Blog….

I have figured out how to add backgrounds!!!  So notice the “pertiness”!!!  That’s Lucky Ducky – Devan’s Kitty up at the top for March.   1/2 day for Connor today and Nathan is working on his Science Assessment!  We’ve finished   Read More »

Flat Stanley……

Connor is doing a Flat Stanley project at school where she has her little guy travel around the globe. So far she has the record, hers has traveled the most, thanks to Grandma and Mark! Wow, her teacher was rather   Read More »

Bread Bread Bread……

So I don’t know what inspired me to begin my bread making again, but I’m guessing it was due to my grandfather passing away.  I have to thank Devan as well because she took out the actual bread maker out   Read More »

Posting a Photo from Gmail……

Ok I am again trying to update my blog from email posting.  I’m trying new ways because I want to have the simplicity, plus the option to post on the go.  Having family be able to take part in day   Read More »