Snow…. We are NOT from AZ — ARE WE?????

Check out a few of the pics from Flagstaff. If you want to see more, here is the link: FULL ALBUM

Rounded Corners….

I know this means nothing to everyone, it’s just a test for me to see how I can get rounded corners on my blog photos when I insert them without having to actually do it myself. I know there is   Read More »

Off to the doc….

Taylor and I are going to the doctor this AM to see what is up with her foot. Hopefully it’s nothing major and they just re-cast her. We’ll post when we know more. I wonder what color she’ll pick this   Read More »

Testing a post…

Ok so there are these really cool new things for GOOGLE CHROME. You must try it. It’s AWESOME. I know I love google, but really, if you need one stop shopping for all of your web browsing, social networking, blogging   Read More »


Fun pics that Taylor took of the girls a few weeks back!   

Connor and CJ…….

Connor and CJ…. Thanks grandma for the very cool American Girl Doll.  I love it.   here they are…….


Connor and Nathan got phones for Christmas.  Now they can’t stop using them.  Texting, taking pictures, music…. you name it they got it up there…

Connor Junior…..


….so Christmas has come and gone for another year. The kids were all very happy with their gifts and glad that we can be home sitting around today and relaxing and playing. So here are a few quick pics from   Read More »

Yep, it’s broke….

So ya — the story is she was doing a double back off the beam…  yep that’s our story and we’re stickin’ to it.