Here comes yesterday and a little of today….

I think that Nathan enjoys it when I take pictures of him in compromising positions such as this.  Being on the Chair and having your mouth pried open by a huge piece of plastic has to be so much fun and it   Read More »

Connor mastering some new skills…..

The first one is a 1 1/2 to back on the trampoline.  This will eventually be a double back with the twist, and who knows, maybe some day she will do two twists as well, making it a double double…   Read More »

New Gallery Updates

Galleries are currently be updated and re-uploaded to the new server.  Please look HERE to view them.  Check back often if you do not see yours listed.  I hope to be updated and current soon along with a new portfolio   Read More »


Not so much of a presentation.  I’m feeling horrible…. my head hurts, my nose is stuffed, my chest hurts, my throat is sore…. ugggg… so I am home now and just trying to rest.  Casey is sick — horrible cough!!!   Read More »

Suprise Suprise….

So I go into the dentist today thinking I’m going for a routine cleaning…. and much to my TOTAL suprise, I am there for a root canal.  Boy that was FUN!. I was going to switch out my appointment with   Read More »

Connor’s Gym Meet…

Connor had her meet today at Arizona Grand. She did very well. I am very proud of her. We had a bit of a rough time on floor… however I’ll quickly say that she stuck her entire beam routine…. she   Read More »

Loving the new site….

I really am liking the way the new site is set up. It’s very easy to maintain and all the behind the scenes things are just a perk.

One Little Word ~ 2011

Ali Edwards inspirational words to live by for 2011.

Happy New Year 2011

Hope everyone had a great 2010!  See you alot more on the BLOG in 2011~