About Me

I have been a photographer all of my life.  My dad introduced me to the wonderful world of photography at a young age.  I felt very privileged to be able to use his 35mm camera.  He showed me how to manipulate the camera to get the shots that I had in my mind.  I got my very own first camera that I saved and saved for and when it arrived, I was thrilled!  I immediately put it together, put the 110 film in the back, put the silly looking flash up on the top and got down to business.  Since then I’ve owned many many cameras and now have a dream set up.  It’s such a wonderful tool in life to remember days gone by and capture every day moments.

It can be a trap of a photographer to think that the best photographs were the hardest ones to get ~ Timothy Allen

I also over the last 15+ or so years have a passion for the web.  I first started out coding the html on my own.  I’ve leaned everything I know from searching and trial and error.  There are lot’s of ways to create a beautiful site, but one of the simplest I have found over the years, and trust me I’ve tried a TON of them…. by far the greatest is WordPress.  You can edit, create content, add users and admins as you see fit and taylor the site to fit your exact needs.

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