Back to School…..

It’s hard to believe, but the kids are back in school. I don’t think it’s really hit me yet that the kids aren’t here. We had a great summer and I certainly didn’t want school to stert. It’s all just to soon, and it seems like we just got going with the summer.

Had lot’s of fun — Becca got ready for High School. She’s going to the same one that I did and when I dropped her off this morning, I actually got a hug and a cheery good-bye! I’m so excited for her. I told her that she needs to enjoy this time and get involved. She’s excited to try out for sports and is going to be on the Badmiton team! We had to get her books last week, get her a sports physical, get the stuff notorized then we had to get all that back to school by last Friday. The badmiton coach actually called her on Friday and was excited to tell her she was the only Freshman at that point. Although she had her orientation on Saturday and she said there were a few more that were going out for it too. I’m excited for here, she has great classes and is actually excited about the fact she is going to the same school I did. I think it’s pretty spiffy too! I can’t wait to hear about her day!

Devan rocked this summer and is rockin and rollin’ into optionals! I’m so excited for her and she has worked her TAIL off learning TONS of new skills. She got her giants/dismount (pike flyaway) connection and is enjoying gym more than ever! Her floor routine is awesome! Her music is perfect for her and is a very fast paced routine. Her coach said normally they don’t try to have such a fast paced one at level 7 but she just had all this personality and moves of her own that deserved to be showcased! Devan is excited about 7th grade and is in all Honors classes. She’s going to have a full schedule this year, but I’m sure she’ll do just fine. She is so organized and is always on top of those things.

Taylor was off to Middle School today too! WOW, I can hardly believe that my kids are growing up so fast. She was so excited that I thought she was going to burst. She kept checking her schedule for the past 2 weeks since we got them in the mail. She was packed up and ready to go 3 days ago and kept unpacking and repacking her things just to make sure they were all in the same spot. She has an awesome teacher and actually this year, the 6th graders move from class to class as well and she just has a home room. She just so happens to have her Honors Language Arts/Reading and Honors Pre-Algebra with her so she gets to stick around in that classroom. I can’t wait to hear about her day either, I can hear it already, yapp yapp yapp… she’s gonna be hard to stop!

Nathan looked SO cute this morning and even wanted his hair spiked! His friends were all there to greet him when we walked onto the school campus! He is excited to be there, and is really going to do well with the teacher he has this year. She’s actually someone I went to High School with! When we went open house last Thursday, Mrs. Davis, his teacher didn’t have name tags on any of the desks yet and she let Nathan pick where he wanted to sit. He picked a spot right in the front of the class next to the teacher. I’m so proud of him, he’ll be in a spot where he won’t be distracted and can pay attention!

Connor, I can’t believe she is in 1st GRADE!!!!!!!!! WHEN OH WHEN DOES THIS HAPPEN. She trotted right up to her room and put her backpack down. We thought this year she gets to be on the big playground with Nathan, but she is still on the primary playground this year. BUMMER, that was the only thing that she was upset about but nothing she was affected by. She had an intersting summer and 18 days ago broke her collar bone. We went to the orthopedic doctor that works on the Phoenix Suns and also is a friend of a dad at the gym who is also a doctor, anyways she is almost all heealed up and considering it was totally SNAPPED in half. She was back to doing handpsrings and is even going to try and get up on the bar this week. Our next appointment is on the 21st (4 weeks after it happend) — he said she shound be good to go by then. Apparently kids heal really fast, I just didn’t know THIS FAST. I’m so happy cause she freaked and was so sad thinking she was going to have to quit gymnastics because of it!

So our summer has come to a close — at least when it comes to school starting. It’s still 115 degrees outside and i’m sure that will add to the enjoyment at recess time. Reminds me I need to get water bottles.

Gymnastics competition starts September 9 and 10 — then we have a week off then it’s another meet. On the 30th we have our Kingman meet and then after that we host our meet. WE’re also hosting our Level 4 State meet this year. It’s a meet where almost all of the girls at the level attend and we are getting all the revenue for that. So hopefully our spring season will be supplemented a great deal!

Well that is all for now. I’m sure i’ll be writing more now that school is in. In between helping at school, photography and gymnastics and Tennis and now all the other school sports, I’ll be checking in more often.

Have a great day!

Published on: August 7, 2006

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