Been a bit….

Lot’s to catch up on. The girls have had their state meets and did fabulous! They will both be moving up to the next level! Woo hoo! Nathan has begun his meet season and already has had 2 meets. We are in full swing with the holidays and are getting ready to go to California this up coming weekend for the annual Wickland Christmas Gathering. Not looking forward to the drive but once we are there it will be a nice time. We will be staying in an RV resort place near the beach with Traci/Don/Kids, Scott/Tina/Kyle and Casey’s Parents. We’ll leave Friday morning and come back Sunday.

I’ve posted pictures of the girls meets up at here:



The Suns are on the top of our watch list right now and the kids are into every minute of it. We watch all the games and are excited that they are doing so well. They’ve lost a few but we’re hangin in here.

The weather has finally cooled down and we’ve gotten lot’s of rain. Well lot’s is all relative when you’re talking Arizona, but it rained last weekend pretty heavily and this past weekend and yesterday steady but not so strong. We need the rain but now I have a feeling that it won’t be raining again for a long long time.

The kids are already talking about next summer and going back to Wisconsin and how they can’t wait.

More to come soon.

Connor has her is almost up on her kip. Well she has made it UP she just isn’t holding it up there… she’ll have it this week! Yippie!!

Published on: December 10, 2007

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