Busy Weekend….

Things have been very busy around the Wickland household. Between all the gymnastics meets, Soccer games and practices and Casey having to go out of town a lot lately it’s been crazy……

Connor, Devan and Nathan are still in meet season. Nathan has 2 meets left and the girls have 3. The girls have a really big meet this weekend on Saturday. Connor starts at 8am and Devan starts her warm-up at 12:15pm. Connor has improved SO MUCH and has been asked to move up to level 5, however we are going to keep her as a level 4 another year so she can have great success and be at the top of the podium. She is an amazing talent and it’s kind of scary because she is just so natural at it. I mean I was OK but my kids have really something for the sport. So Connor will be spending another season as a level 4 which is just fine because she is already working out Mon/Tue/Thu/Fri and also 2 extra hours on Saturday. Actually Connor also does Mondays which normally the level 4’s do not do. So she already is working out up to 10 hours a week, and like Devan would be there at every moment if she could. She just loves it there and the coaches are phenomenal. Devan I going for it all this weekend at the meet. She has come in 2nd all-around too many times and is just getting really antsy for a 1st place — I know she can totally do it, she is so motivated and even more motivated than any of the other girls on the team. Many of the girls are there to socialize and just chit chat and are in or will be entering High School this next year and some are talking that this is their last season. Devan doesn’t play into the little games these girls play. She tells me about how they are always making fun of or mocking one or another gymnasts. It’s sad really and it makes you just want to point it out to the parents and say HEY SLAP YOUR KIDS and make them get a clue that they don’t treat people like crap. Anyways there are about 4 girls that do not play into this and are becoming really good friends. Thank goodness a few of us have kids that act properly — in public anyways — :)

Nathan has a meet on Sunday starting at 2:00 — it’s the last one before the State Championships in Tucson on the 16th of March. It just so happens the girls meet in Tucson is that same weekend which is really convenient for us, because I really didn’t want to have to go to Tucson AGAIN. We’ve already been a few times this year for Nathan. So this time we get to stay over night and play at a hotel for a day. So that will be fun. Don’t know what time the girls compete that weekend, just that it’s the 17th and 18th. So hopefully it’s the 17th so we do not have to spend 2 nights there. In that case i might take Nathan on Friday and then come back and take the girls down Saturday if we find out they compete Sunday so they can sleep well and do well. Nathan should do really good at this meet on Sunday. He’s already slotted to move up a level for next season and has done fantastic this year. He’s quite the pro out there. Even if he doesn’t continue with gymnastics, this sport has given him so much and will most likely continue with it even if he doesn’t compete if he wants to do other sports.

Taylor just ended another outstanding season of Soccer and has no break between seasons this time. She has practice tonight as a matter of fact. She is getting so much better. She handles the ball really well and isn’t afraid of it coming at her full speed anymore. She plays a lot more minutes in the game than she did the first season. This may or may not be her last season of soccer though because her coach is no longer coaching in this league. Her kids are not playing it anymore and won’t be on the team. So we have a decision to make. Does she want to play something else, or play for another coach. It is just that I’ve seen all the other coaches and I don’t like them. We see them at the games and they are just rude and mean to the kids and I really can’t see Taylor fitting in with any of those other teams being the happy go lucky kid that she is. So we’ll see.

Becca is playing Freshman Softball for McClintock and has her first game tomorrow in Prescott. She hasn’t played since 7th grade but feels confident about her playing. She’s excited because her and her best friend are both on the team. She has practice every day after school so I can’t wait to see her at her firt game. We won’t be going to the Prescott game but she has a home game next week and I can’t wait to embarrass her like I do all the other kids at their events. She hasn’t had that in a while so she doesn’t know what she is in for. muwhahahahaha!

Casey has been traveling and working all kinds of ungodly hours. His job is just crazy and more and more stuff just keeps popping on his plate. He’s got a few things on the side too that he works on so it’s busy all the time.

That is why we can’t wait for our trip this summer. I’ll be driving with Devan, Taylor, Nathan and Connor up to Wisconsin and Casey and Becca will fly in on the 3rd of July to Chicago — possibly Madison depending on a few things. We all just can’t stop talking about it, there hasn’t been one day that has gone by since I’ve returned from my trip back in November that we have NOT talked about it in some way. I’ve got it all planned and that his hard for Casey because he is just going to have to follow me and do what I say. It should be good for him because he can totally relax and enjoy it. We’re gonna see all kinds of things. I’ve actually been dreaming about the trip. WEIRD dreams — like me driving along Lake Monona and my family sitting by the roadside drinking coffee and me driving through grocery stores and seeing my Grandma and her sister Mona. Yes, I did say weird. That’s not even the whole of it. I have Abby and Maggie sitting up in the closet by Grandmas front door looking into the attic. I said it was weird… do you believe me yet? I’ll stop there….

Needless to say the kids are just crazy about going! And so am I! I am so excited to have everyone meet all of the kids and husband! WOW you can all just ring my neck that I haven’t done this sooner! Oh well live and learn — and love!

So now that you’ve all read a book, I think I’ll stop there for now since I just need to get my butt up and do some cleaning….

Have a wonderful day!

Published on: February 28, 2007

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