Connor’s Gym Meet…

Connor had her meet today at Arizona Grand. She did very well. I am very proud of her. We had a bit of a rough time on floor… however I’ll quickly say that she stuck her entire beam routine…. she did her bar routine great, however for some reason landed on her back side on her dismount… kinda like stuck it, then bam I think I’ll sit down now…. ah well. 2 weeks till the next meet and we’ll have it all together by then….. at least the leo fit well this time…. now we are done with excuses and are getting on with it!

Mom I just forgot my routine…. it was just gone out of my head…. then I thought to myself (quickly) do I walk off the floor or cry…. I guess I chose cry… I won’t be doing that next time…..

So I guess that we will send updates throughout the next two weeks… we do have lot’s of video to post.  We promise to get that done soon.

And we have awesome friends who came to the meet to support.  :)  We will be sure to do the same.  Thanks Ali and Jordan!

Published on: January 15, 2011

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