Website Design using WordPress.

I highly recommend using WordPress for your blogging/website needs.  WordPress allows you to create a unique site while maintaining ease of use.  WordPress has wonderful templates to springboard your website into the cyber world.  You supply the content and I will put it all together to create a seamless flow from page to page.

One low cost includes the template, contact page, front page as well as your content added.  You will be able to update your website on a continuous basis using a blog style layout.

Facebook/Twitter/Pintrest links included.  If you need help creating those, I can help you do that as well.

This includes one major content update within the first 6 months from the start date.

Contact me at to verify details and start dates.

Choose a template from the following website:  ORGANIC THEMES or a pre-approved template.

Submit Deposit 

 Website Deposit $200.00

Submit Content, Title Pages and Contact Information

Submit Final Payment 

 Final Payment $200.00

For more information or to share what your ideas are for your website please email me at with descriptions.





Additional Website Maintenance

After your initial 6 month update, if you need further additions/changes.

 Website Maintenance/hr $25.00




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