Final Scores…..

Ok Final scores for the meet over the weekend are posted at the Meetscores Online — here they are —

Southwest Gymnastics took 1st place in all sessions over the weekend… Jordan from our Level 5 Team took home the 1st place along with Connor and Devan — it was quite a day for the gym! WAY TO GO GIRLS, Southwest ROCKS!

Something intersting about the meet too is that there were only 2 girls in the session that Devan was in for Level 6 and you need to have 3 people at LEAST to make a team. They take the top 3 team scores from each event — usually different girls on different events — so there were 3 teams with at least 5+ girls and 3 teams with only 2 girls. So of those 3 teams with only 2 girls all of their scores went to the team score. There were only 3 trophies so it was obvious that the 3 with the large teams would get them in one way shape or form. But Southwest took 4th with only 2 girls so we couldn’t have asked for anything more! Woo hoo, way to go AGAIN!

Our Level 5 Team took 3rd place with 10 members!!!

I also posted Devan’s Meet on YouTube CLICK HERE

Published on: November 4, 2007

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