Guess what’s up? Well start with Becca…..

No longer do you have to wonder what is going on with the Wickland Clan — here are some updates!!! Since the new year and the kids back at school everything is in full swing! We have been to several gymnastics meets plus some school concerts!

Almost all of our events are being captured on video these days. Even the little things during the day seem to be getting captured so that we can share our daily lives with all of our friends and family. We hope that you enjoy taking part in the things that we do. We certainly enjoy sharing!

Ok so after the new year we went full swing into meet season for Nathan and also for Devan and Connor they just continue their quest for perfection.

Becca is in her 2nd half of her 2nd year of High School and is really excelling. Getting wonderful grades and even enjoying her first “boyfriend”! As much as Casey and I want to lock her in the Attic we’re doing pretty well. Only MILD heart attacks so far…. Another exciting venture we are headed into is the world of driving. She officially is allowed to get her permit February 2nd. So we’ll be getting it next week sometime. I say offically because she has already done some short distance driving. We let her drive through the neigborhood and park. She hasn’t hit the garage door yet…. I’m sure she is going to do fine! I know that she is very excited to get the offical go ahead to get behind the wheel and begin getting this learning process underway. She is going to be getting the car that Casey currently uses (2000 Saturn – Manual shift) and she talks about “Her Car” all the time…… She hasn’t even realized that she has to put gas in the thing and pay for some of the insurance….. we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it I guess…. The joys of REALITY!!!

I’ve gotten a little flack for not having any video up on youtube of Becca, however she isn’t one to perform in front of the camera and doesn’t appreciate being on their very much, so for those of you that want to see her — here ya go — just don’t mention to her that she is out their for the world to see over and over and over again… :)

This first one if of the dog that Becca fell in love with while we were in California:

This other one Becca is rather proud of you’ll see why once you watch the video:

Ok so that is a quick update on one of the kids… more to come later…. updates not kids…. lol

Published on: January 27, 2008

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