Here comes Noel….

So we missed the storm — well sort of — apparently when we were there we saw parts of it. Had Casey known this we would probaly still be there — Casey’s big dream is to be in a hurricaine or tropical storm. YA — you heard it — that’s what he WANTS!!!

Speaking of weird weather. We had 20 days in the 90’s this month. Last year we only had 2 days in the 90’s and 15 in the 80’s. Crazy I tell ya. It’s great and all to have nice weather, but this really is getting old. We even had 4 days in the 100’s this month. Nut’s! It’s supposed to only be 85 tomorrow — OH YA — it’s November, it’s cooling off!!! Schaaaaa, WHATEVER!!!!!

Published on: October 31, 2007

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