How to follow a blog….

If you are a gmail user, you can use google reader to follow all of your RSS feeds. To follow mine, you just have to click here:


There are many different kinds of RSS/Blog readers out there, but my favorite (becuase I LUUUVVVVEEE Google) is Google Reader. When you are logged into gmail/google, you can just go to and ADD subscription. Also in the settings it allows you to drag a subscription button to your toolbar. If you come accross a blog that you want to follow you can juts click the subscribe button and it will automatically take you the reader page to confirm. Then when anything new comes through, you can see it listed in your reader.

The great thing about RSS is that you can look at things on your own time/terms. You don’t get an INBOX full of things unless you sign up with it that way. RSS is the way to go…

Let me know if you have any ????

Published on: January 6, 2010

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