Life’s a rollercoaster…..

that just won’t stop — SOMEONE STOP IT ALREADY!!!!

This story isn’t a short one, so look for updates because my thoughts at this point are so jumbled that I highly doubt that a few minutes of typing in a blog will get it all out. You’re probaly wondering what the heck is going on???? Well most of you who read this blog I am sure already know most of what I am going to say however, I am writing it down for more “therapy”!

September 7th, 2007, our wonderful family pet dog Licorish passed away… I won’t go into the details but needless to say we were completly devistated by her loss. She was such a huge part of our family and lives and you don’t realize how big of a role they play until they are gone.

this was the last picture taken of her when we were on our Labor Day Trip to Lake Pleasant. We took the motor home and went camping just north of Phoenix for a few days and she had the most fabulous time. The loved being able to hang out with us, especially considering just about 8 weeks before we went on our long 2 week trip without her to Wisconsin/Minnesota and she couldn’t go. Then we took one more short trip up to Vegas for a weekend to visit Casey’s sister and she didn’t come with us then. So there was no doubt that she had to take a trip with us before the summer was over. She loved being one of the kids, and that she was. We’ll miss her “I Love You’s” and her “Where were you’s” when we’d come in the front door. Her howls were definatly “talk”. I miss her sleeping on my feet at night and not being able to move and then getting up to go to the bathroom and coming back to bed and her having completely taken my spot – pillow and all — sometimes forcing me to just “forget it” and go lay down on the couch. SERIOUSLY, that dog was spoiled…..

When Casey would come home from work she’d run around all over the house and on top of couches and beds just so excited and then we’d spend the next 10 minutes re-making the beds and putting pillows and couch cushions back on the couch.

We no longer have anyone to break up cat fights — no not the girls getting on each others nerves, REAL cat fights. Tuxie and Jojo will ‘play’ fight and Licorish wouldn’t have anything to do with it. She’d get right over there, and break it up. We’d hear the cats fighting in another room and we’d just say “licorish, go break it up” — she’d hop up and dash off to put her nose in their business… worked every time!

There’s more to say but before I’m comploetly in tears, I’m going to stop…

Remember to take care of yourelf and one another.

More news later….. trust me there is more…..

Published on: September 25, 2007

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