McKemy School Closure….

This is something I wrote at Fox News….  I rambled… didn’t even want to put my name to it…  but then I thought about and why not stand up for what we want…  anyways, here is what I posted.  It’s pretty much just a huge ramble of thoughts and for those of you that haven’t been following the story, it’s possible that the school that my kids have attended for the last 10 years and the one that Connor is supposed to go into may be at the top of the list for closure.  There is a lot of information out there about this, if you just google it…. so here is what I posted…  trust me it’s a huge ramble…  but I just had to get them down.  And now I’m sure I’ll be adding to it… I still have an opportunity to get up and say these things, but I haven’t mustered up the guts to do that yet….


Remember there was money that was supposed to be (should be) spent on McKemy that wasn’t to upgrade it and bring it into good condition.  This money failed to be spent (by whom?) — so that now it looks as if [is still] in pooor condition.  What if that money would have been spent?  would they be so quick to consider McKemy for a closure?  Where is this money and why wasn’t it spent.  Why do we even have to ask?  Of course we don’t want to have teachers lose their job or have a pay cut.  I think everyone has to make concessions…  if we all stomp our feet what good will that do us.  Yes we need to talk to our legislature and government, but MY district is MY FIRST contact with that…  and IF (which I hope it doesn’t happen) so happens that McKemy does close i absolutley expect the other school in the district to welcome my kids with open arms.  A few teachers have said that as if we don’t expect that.  I would expect nothing less…..  Taking the school away is going to have much more backlash that people realize.  losing completly meaning they will be out of district and that money will be gone forever… not even in the district…  so what happens then, do we have to close another school in the near future?  One parent mentioned we are making a perminent decesion for short term problem.  We need to hear that… I am ffeeling very belittled by the district.  first off on the way we were notified…. this RAC commitee scares the crap out of me…. who are these people and why did they get picked… could i have put my name in the hat to be on that committee???  sounds a bit fishy….  why is there a group that is saying we HAVE to close or things will be even worse…  is a 20% paycut what you are telling these people (teachers) so they feel it’s the only way out…  it’s almost as if you don’t want people to be informed…  i know i’m rambling, but this…. well not really….  i just don’t know what this all means for my kids…  no i don’t want the school to close.  NO i don’t want teachers to lose their jobs… not i don’t want them to take a pay cut or lose benefits… of COURSE NOT…  but closing the school (community school) is NOT the ONLY WAY… and don’t try and tell us that is is the ONLY WAY…  and don’t make me worry if your decesion is already made… it’s making us all look like fools…  All of the things that the governing board shows us are in their favor to close… they won’t dare show us the other side…  cuz they don’t want to lose their “benefits” — what ever those are…  there are teachers out there risking their jobs to just have an opinion on this (which is sad) — And as great as it was of a teacher to say he’d give up his job before a teacher with a family would have to be let go was nice, but a bit silly too (nice though) — what if he is a better teacher… i want the better teacher…  ok off my high horse, i’m sure i have much more I could say but i highly doubt anyone has read up to this point anyways……

Published on: February 11, 2011

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