Nathan took 2nd All Around…..

Nathan had his toughest meet this last weekend. He ended up having the best meet EVER! He took 2nd all around out of 27 kids in his age group! — his team took the top 5 spots and they won the 1st place trophy for team. Also he took 1st on floor, 2nd on rings and 5th on Pommel. He had the most consistant scores and had all 9’s and one 8.85. INCREDIBLE MEET!!!!! His next meet is this Friday.

Way to go Nathan, we are SO proud of you.

I actually got all the events on video — and let me just say I NEVER take video and for good reason. I always turn it off when I should have it ON and ON when I should have it off. You see a lot of my lap and me talking in the background…. interesting conversations going on when you don’t realize that you’re recording…. ya —

Anyways, we rushed home and watched it all… MAN what a rush… he was so excited and his team did so well — WAY TO GO SOUTHWEST BOYS!!!!!

They have taken 1st place at every meet this season so far — 4 so far — keep up the great work!

Published on: January 20, 2007

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