One more for February…..

Ok so February is almost over, can you believe it. I know that it’s a short month and all but SHEESH….

So, We have had 4 meets for Devan and Connor, Taylor must have had about 10 band things — but the big news is is that she got her cast off!!! WOO HOOOO!!!! No boot, no cast no nothing. She has physical therapy but that is breezy compared to having that cast on for 8 weeks… no surgery at this point.

Nathan is an all out skateboarding NUT, he flys and freaks me out on that thing. Must help to have a ton of hair on his head so that the wind slows him down a bit…. he needs a haircut!

Becca is almost done with High School, can you believe it. Only a few more months to go. I still can’t believe it! I’m in denial at this point…. nope nope nope!

Going to post a desktop in a bit so that you can all enjoy it for the month of March. I didn’t seem to get that updated in February, sorry about that.

Ok if I would just do a quick daily entry the month wouldn’t be so overwhelming when I try to fit all into one post. OH that reminded me…. LENT!!!!

Yes, we do participate in that — We are working hard on giving up the things we vowed to give up and trying to GIVE in the ways we decided to give…. We don’t announce what those things are because we have to hold ourselves responsible for those things….. and we don’t bug others if we know what they are doing…. I could go into further detail but we are doing good…..

Love to you all!

Published on: February 28, 2010

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