Specializing in Children, Teens & Family Portraiture

~Full Session Details~

1 hour*

~Simple Session~

Outdoor at location of choice (within 5 miles of zip code 85282)
minimum of 5  finalized low resolution digital prints including watermark (provided downloadable  ZIP File)
No Photographer Release to print

~Details Session~

Outdoor at location of choice (within 5 miles of zip code 85282)
minimum of 15-20 finalized digital prints (provided downloadable  ZIP File)
Photographer Release to print and display on social media sites
DOES NOT include a release to sell the images or to them distribute to any kind of publication

If you want to use one of my images in publications and work you have created (such as scrapbook pages, layouts, advertising) please contact me with information about the type of publication and I will consider allowing you permission.  Photo credit must be given or permission will not be granted.  A watermark can be provided for image.

All payments are due at the time of appointment.  Payment is accepted via VISA/Master Card/Discover/American Express via PayPal.

If you are interested in my services, please contact me.

All photos will be adjusted and flattened for print.  No further altering is allowed before print that takes away from the integrity of the original photo.  Photos must remain in original state as sold.  Thank You.

~Sitting Fee~

$50 Sitting Fee on all Photography Services – to be paid prior to shoot.

~Groups and Clubs~

I frequently photograph gymnastics and dance groups.  Make sure to mention what type of group and how many individuals.

What I like to do in a group/club situation is to use the school auditorium for backdrops.  Since there are usually serveral kids and group pictures are much easier when there are theathre backdrops available.  Also there are places to do quick costume changes.  I usually like to do it in class order.  I will have all of my equipment set up and as the classes arrive they have their poses picked out and we just start shooting.  Once a few are taken then the students ustually begin to relax and that is where the fun comes in.  Class is over and the next class comes in we get a group shot and then break off into individual shots.  I will take as many as want to be in front of the camera.  After all the photos are taken and the day is done.  I will go home and do some editing and upload them to a secure site.  You will then be able to view your photos and choose which to purchase.

For groups a pre-order form is required.  There is  a $200 group sitting fee (non-refundable).  Only those that have pre-ordered will be allowed individual photo shoot.  Thank You.

~What To Wear~

What to wear is a very personal decision   It should fit your style and most importantly be comfortable.  If you feel good in what you are wearing it will come across in your photos.  Solid colors and subtle prints are best.  You don’t want to have your clothing be distracting from the photo.  You want it to complement.

CLICK HERE to check out several different ideas on how to make your photo session your own!

Obviously for Dance and Gymnastics photos they wear their uniform…. or multiples of them.


Keep in mind that prints not printed directly with Kristie Wickland Photography are not guaranteed for print quality.  High quality printing is a in depth process and if you want to ensure the highest standard in your photo prints you can always order your enlargements directly from Kristie herself.  It’s an investment that is worthwhile.  Please see our cost sheet for further details.

~Where To Print~

There are so many options for your photos in today’s digital world.  You can creativity is only limited in your imagination.  Everything from calendars to scrapbook pages and the new rage is photo-books!

Although there are many places to print photos in today’s market, they are not all created equal.  My suggestion is to go with a professional quality photo printing service.  You won’t be disappointed.  All of the photos you receive will be ready to print with all editing completed.  Directions for print will be included with your CD.  Most print services will have a place for you to check if you want color corrections, you want to click NO.  You want to have the photos printed as they have been edited with no additional processing.

You will want to include your photo release information where requested.

With this [certain] licence you are allowed to use prints in digital online sources, such as email, facebook, twitter and other social media sites.  Please feel free to share your prints with family and friends.  I always appreciate word of mouth recommendations.

If you would like Kristie Wickland Photography to print your photos please refer to the following rates:

Minis  –  $5.00/sheet (8 prints per sheet)
Wallets  –  $5.00/sheet (4 prints per sheet)
3.5×5  –  $5.00
4×6  –  $6.00
5×5  –  $7.00
5×7  –  $8.00
8×10  –  $10.00
8×8  –  $10.00
10×10  –  $12.00
11×14  –  $18.00
16×20  –  $30.00
20×20  –  $37.00
20×24  –  $40.00
24×36  –  $62.00
30×40  –  $90.00

Mounting (16×20 and larger) – +$25.00

– $75 – All hi resolution prints from session on 1 convenient CD/DVD. Along with print release.   Free with $100+ print order


Payment is accepted via PayPal or check.  Please allow 5-10 days for checks to clear.  If paying via PayPal, I will send an invoice to you by email once all arrangements have been made. All sitting fees are due prior to Photo Session.

~Just a little end note~

Please keep in mind that taking your special photos is a creative process and because of that and the time that it takes to make each individual session one of a kind all of the items listed above are non-negotiable.  Please do not ask us to deviate from the criteria we have established.  Thank You.