Not so much of a presentation.  I’m feeling horrible…. my head hurts, my nose is stuffed, my chest hurts, my throat is sore…. ugggg… so I am home now and just trying to rest.  Casey is sick — horrible cough!!!

I’m not even sure how the presentation went, I left my things there for the girls to pick up after school.  They are going to have an all day long event for the dance teachers from the east valley… or maybe more than just this side of town.  They all seemed super nice… I hope that I left enough things for them to look at.  They can come over here to the website if the want more information.

I forgot to take my sign in sheet so I had to “draw” one… real professional of me… oh well, they were friends with Micah, so I’m sure they will all understand.

Well that’s all for now…

Connor has early release so I’ll be going to get her in a while… gotta love Fridays, tonight will be busy though.  Taylor had to be at school at 6:30am and then I took Devan with me, so I’ll have to pick her up.

Taylor will stay after school because she has pit practice for the play next week and then a basketball game tonight.  I’m hoping that Devan is going to the game so that she can bring her home after….

I’m supposed to hang out with Linell and Kimberlee tonight while Connor is at gym, but with the way I’m feeling, it’s not going to be a long hang out for sure.

Need to look into getting another harddrive….  this one is getting close to full.  I have to locate my other harddrive  because it has photos on there and some files that I need….

Ok — toodles

Published on: January 21, 2011

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