Puerto Rico Here We Come…..

Well in a few hours that is — we’re leaving at around 7 or so in the morning. Our flight leave sometime around 8:30am.

So far we have scheduled on Thursday a ride into the jungle/rain forest which looks really cool. Lot’s of picture taking opportunities I’m sure! Parrotts and all those exotic birdies will be there.

Then Thursday night we have the awards banquet where Casey will get something — not sure what. Wonder if he’ll have to make a speech… maybe I should remind him of this…. or not???? Hmmmmmm!!!

Then on Friday there is a sunset cruise on a sailboat — FUN!

So we have mid day on Thursday and up until 5 or so on Friday to do what we want. We want to go to the resorts private island and snorkel!

So that’s it for not — well dare I mention that the tempreture in Phoenix when we’re gone is going to be in the mid 90’s???? and check out the forcast for where we’ll be —


So pray for sunshine and warm water — actually at this point I don’t care if we freeze in the water. Oh that reminds me I need to pick up some underwater camera’s for when we snorkel!

Lot’s and lot’s of pictures when we get back! And heck maybe even a few during the trip, so look back at the blog when you get a chance, and check your email, you just never know.

Published on: October 23, 2007

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