Well the meet went EXTREMLY WELL! This meet was the toughest to date and was a national type meet where there were some really high ranking teams and clubs. Get this Devan got 3rd place all-around!!!!!!!!!!!! Yep, that’s right, THIRD — the whole team did fantastic! I wasn’t too sure when I was watching warm-up because those teams that I saw I have seen listed in USAG Magazine as having several TOP’s contenders — TOPS, is a Talent Opportunity Program — where they take kids ages 7-11 and rank them according to strength and flexability — among other things. Anyways, I though “OH NO — it’s one of THOSE MEETS” — you know where we get are BUTTS kicked — not so, not at all.

Devan got 1st on Beam, 2nd on Floor and 4th on Vault and 4th on Bars and 3rd All-around!

Also this meet was the FASTEST — and we’re talking FAST — they started open stretch at 4:30 and we were walking out of the center at 7:30 — 3 hours is incredibly fast for a gym meet especially adding in awards which always takes FOREVER AND EVER!!!! Despite the fact the guy doing the annoucing for awards did it all weird, we managed to walk out with several medals! These were the coolest medals too, really big and chunky. GOLD was gold — well NOT REAL GOLD but at least it was different in color — and SILVER WAS SILVER if you get my drift. Devan had 5 heavy clanky medals around her neck — she and her best friend Kathryn were the only 2 on their team that medaled in ALL events AND all-around. They are each others toughest competition, but nothing wavers that friendship. One meet one gets higher and one meet another. It’s crazy how close their scores are and on a few occasions have tied for all-around, devan usually wins beam and floor and kathryn wins vault and bars — so they just swap scores. It’s great.

So that is it for now. I’ll get some pictures of Devan with her medals, plus the kids took a bunch of pictures on the trip in the hills around Temecula — where we stayed at the house of Kathryn’s Aunt. Wine country and she lived up in the vinyard area. Really beautiful. It was nice not to have to fork out money for a hotel.

So look for the photos soon……PROMISE!

Our next meet is in 2 weeks here in town, then one in Tucson, then another here then spring championships….. whew!

Published on: January 31, 2007

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