So Much Going On….

Wow a lot has been going on with the holidays and the season. School is about to get out tomorrow for Christmas break and the kids will have off 2 weeks. I’m sure they will enjoy the break! They have been looking forward to this since the first day of school. They love school but it’s always a welcome treat when the times comes that you don’t have to worry about getting up at 6 in the morning for a few days.

We just gt back from California the other day and enjoyed 3 days with the Wickland Clan! It was great to see everyone since we hadn’t been back in a few years. Here are a few pictures from this years festivities.

Christmas in California 2007

The pictures are downloadable and you can print them at home or you can send them to a place like walgreens or walmart right online and pick them up. Hope that you all enjoy them!

Our new puppies are doing fantastic. They are learning so much and they are incredibly smart. They can both spin, sit, lay down, and shake. We’re really working on STAY! They are getting it. They have blended into the family perfectly and I’m sure that Licorish is looking down with great approval. I know these puppies can sense her presence, they each have so many traits that constantly are reminding me of Licorish.

Nathan recently got a chance to be MAYER! The entire 5th grade class went to a Junior Achievment Activity called BizTown. They basically run a mini-city for whole day. This inclues City Hall, Utilities, Mail Services, Vacation/Travel, Banks, Groceries. They get a checking account and have to make deposites and pay bills and purchase needed items and can also buy perks such as vacations and cell phones. It’s a wonderful learning experience. The coolest part was that the 5th graders elected Nathan to be Mayer! HOW COOL WAS THAT!!! He had to make speaches and keep his town motivated and make sure to stay on budget. It was all very cool! He ran that town very smoothly and I’m sure would be up for re-election! Way to go Nathan!

Nathan at Junior Achievment BizTown

Well that all for now. We are getting ready to do some last minute shopping before Christmas. got a few things on that list that we need to get! Well check in during the holidays, so be sure and check back for all the great details!


Published on: December 20, 2007

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