Spring Break….

Yes, it’s spring break time again. It’s hard to believe that there will only be 9 weeks of school left once the kids go back next week. WOW, this is just flying by too fast. So far the kids have been swimming for about a week now. It’s cold, but somehow the kids don’t seem to be as affected by all that. I’ll get some pictures next time they dive in and post them. They aren’t blue yet, so I’m assuming that it isn’t too cold for them to be in and won’t freeze into ice cubes.

Kids still have gym this week. Big meets this weekend in Tucson, so they’ll be working hard! They are really excited about it. I’m sure they are going to do fabulous!

Becca got glasses, we just got a call that they are in and we’ll be going to pick them up soon. We’ll post a picture of her in her new specks as soon as we get home. She also got contacts, but they didn’t come in yet, so she’ll have to muddle through on the glasses until they come in. Since she plays softball, we figured it’s easier to have the contacts than the glasses so she won’t have to mess with them. She’s excited to get them.

The kids are out playing basketball right now and riding bikes. They have to get their fill of that before it gets to be 110 and can’t do it until 9pm at night.

Ok brief update done for today.

Have a good day!

Published on: March 12, 2007

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