Summer is over…..

It’s hard to believe the kids have been in school almost a month. At leas this weekend they get 3 days off! Connor is getting ready for her first meet next weekend. She has all of her skills and is totally ROCKIN! Her coach thinks that she will only need to do one year at Level 4, however, I think as a parent I am going to have her do next fall as a 4 as well (still adds a day to her workout). Only because she will totally rock and at the state meet will end up with a very high ranking.

Taylor has started cross country and I can’t believe they let the kids run in 110 degree weather AFTER school, it’s totally crazy, but she loves it and is excited to be able to do meets with other middle schools in the area. She is still in tumbling and wants to try out for cheerleading next month too. She is going to be doing yearbook as well. Needless to say she is totally enjoying middle school/jr. high!

Devan is perfecting her routines as well and has learned to many new skills it blows me away. She is now twisting on floor and added that to her floor routine. What was her worst event last year has become a very strong event for her. BARS!!! She is doing 2 giants in a row before her dismount. Plus a bunch of other fun stuff in between. BEAM is her “calling”. She just looks so beautiful and her coach is so excited to have her compete this event expecially (along with floor) where she REALLY shines. Her balkwalk-over backhandspring is her skill of choice and does a carwheel back pike dismount. She is looking so fabulous, she’s got such clean lines and her routines are really starting to flow and connect.

Becca is well into high school, with attitude to boot! From football games to dances. I’m just not sure about it all these day. I was in cheerleading (same high school mind you) but those skimpy little skirts (if you can call them that) that they are wearing these days astound me. Becca has been chosen to go on a trip with a group called People to People. We’re going to an informational meeting in September to find out more information. All I know at this point if from a parent who’s daughter participated last year. The letter that becca got said she was chosen to go to China, however with her background in Spanish and her speaking fluently, they might very well allow her to switch her selection. The other places are Greece, Italy and Spain. Not a bad way to spend 3 weeks of you summer is it? So we’re at this point considering it since from the other parent, we found out that it’s just an overall great experience for the kids, emotionally, and socially and I think it would be good for her and her new “attitude”. Anyways, it’s exciting and we’ll have to keep everyone updated as to what we end up doing.

Nathan had a BIG tooth pulled, apprently his mouth is ITTY BITTY. He is having to have some adjustments made and eventually get braces because his mouth is going to be rather squished if we don’t. Nathan is doing awesome in gymnastics, he is quite the little power house. His meet season doesn’t start until December and he is looking forward to it. He has a year under his belt of competition and this year is going to really rock for him.

Photography business is doing great, it’s senior season and all those are starting to get lined up. Athough it’s still really hot here, we do our best to try and get out there before the sun is glairing down on us. Having a lot of fun with it and am enjoying being able to keep my own schedule and just bring in the extra cash. Heaven only knows that these kids with their gymnasitcs and extra curricular activities cost a fortune. But it’s all in the name of love and they love it and are excelling, so what’shya gonna do?

That’s all for now…. oh had my birthday and I got a ZEN! Just what I wanted. It’s the best thing since sliced bread and so much better than an iPod! It’s actually called the iPod Killer of all things. It is 30 gigs and does Hi-Def Video (higher res and crisper than iPod by a mile), has an FM tuner as well as a record option, so anytime you can hit record either voice record or you can record radio. WAY WAY cool. It has too many features to list!

Casey’s birthday is next… October 20th……

See ya’all later!

Published on: August 30, 2006

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