Suns Today….Play by Play….

So, the kids and I are watching and they are ahead 69-64!!! Go Suns —

We are also happy about Jerry getting inducted into the circle — go Jerry — You’re awesome!!!

The Suns won — Woo hoo!!!

While we were watching the game we became part of “PLANET ORANGE” — we are wicklandfamily!!!

If you click on the link above it will take you to the Wicklandfamily page — we haven’t done anything with it, we just signed up so don’t expect anything. It’s more for the kids to play with while/when watching the Suns games. They are determined to not miss any this season. Thank goodness for DVR’s! They are quickly learning who is who and about where the Suns came fron and how they were formed. They have a schedule taped to the fridge and know when all the games are.

Devan has watched some stuff on Youtube and now wants to do a report on The Harlem Globe Trotters because of the Suns…. she has researched and think they are pretty cool and the fact that they have been arond “FOREVER” (well forever is relative) is pretty neat too. She wants to go see them when they come to town…

Ok enough for now…. check in later…..

Published on: November 4, 2007

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