Suprise Suprise….

So I go into the dentist today thinking I’m going for a routine cleaning…. and much to my TOTAL suprise, I am there for a root canal.  Boy that was FUN!.

I was going to switch out my appointment with Devan because she is so hard to schedule and with the day off, I figured this would be perfect for her. So I call the dentist and leave a message and ask them if that is ok since we are both going in for a cleaning…  They called me back this morning and left a message saying GREAT, sure bring Devan in with you.  And so I figure how awesome is that, they are going to get both of our appointments out of the way (did I mention my fear of dentsts???).  So we get there and Dev wants to go first so that her 30 minutes is up sooner so she can get something to eat after… ok, no problem…. I sit there with her and the receptionist comes over with some papers for me to sign… I figured we needed to update our information for the new year…

So I start to read the paper and the first line reads:

Inherent Risks of a Root Canal


I knew I had to get one at some point, so I figured they were having me PREsign the papers… no biggie….

So I walk the papers back to the front desk and just for fun ask “I AM just here for a cleaning right?” — they look at me puzzled…

NOOOOOOOO — you’re here for your root canal….

REALLY?????????? (I’m totally laughing now thinking REALLY????? I blocked it out THAT much)

We run through the whole scenario again and have even more laughs…..

This office is familiar with my fear…. So they probably think I was just trying to get out of it with the way that phone message earlier must have sounded… SURE, she just wants to switch out her appointment with Devan so she doesn’t have to get her ROOT CANAL…

Honestly, I thought I was going in for a cleaning…..

So Devan is still in the chair getting her CLEANING, and they take me back to a room to get started on my cleaning…. errr ROOT CANAL….

They got me numbed up good — they really hit the right nerve this time because I didn’t feel ANYTHING…


it started to ware off…. towards the end I started to get a little jumpy, I could feel things…..

So Devan was long gone by the time I was done and they told her I’d be done around noon…. so right on time my little girl walked in (with 3 of the neighbor kids) and she says “wow that was a LONG cleaning…”

Explained what happened to her and she just looked shocked…. I think she is going to brush 10 times a day and floss as much too… she didn’t like the sound of what a ROOT CANAL was (GOOD for HER!)….

So I’m home now on the couch loaded up with ADVIL…  MY JAWS are killing me so bad…..

I have a bit of TMJ and when you have to have your mouth pryed open for 90 minutes it can get stuck.  It’s so sore and the part where he worked on is sore now too….

So I loaded up with Advil… (sorry liver) and am having some soup…

I go back next week for the crown…. I have a lovely temporary on right now.  As soon as I can open my mouth, I’ll take a picture of it…. ha

Oh and that reminds me they had to take exrays during the procedure…  I HATE those things, they hurt worse than the damn root canal….

So that’s the wonderful start of my day….

Let’s see how the rest of the day goes… updates will follow….

Published on: January 17, 2011

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