Here comes yesterday and a little of today….

He's a nut!

I think that Nathan enjoys it when I take pictures of him in compromising positions such as this.  Being on the Chair and having your mouth pried open by a huge piece of plastic has to be so much fun and it gets even better when your mother is out there saying “smile” honey!!!!!! He just sits there — I mean really where is he going to go — it’s not like  he is going to get up and run out of the building like that — that thing is still in his mouth.  So they ended up getting another bracket on and then a chain rubber band on the bottom right.  That made his mouth sore almost from the get go.  Also he has his gorgeous headgear that he wishes the doctor would let him wear out in public….. (Kidding). So they replaced the wires they are thicker ones which again causes him to be sore for a while.  So we loaded up on Advil and he ate soup and he was a happy camper.  The half day of school today helped too so he didn’t have to spend all day after all those adjustments.  He is fine now….  Keep in mind this is the boy that begged to get braces and he decided that the day before Halloween was the best day to get them.  He wasn’t so sure after he got his loot of candy.  He couldn’t eat any of it.  so we kept it for him and then eventually when he could take a few bites he started to realize this wasn’t going to be too bad.  Now he goes for way more appointments and has more adjustments every four weeks so he’s not as shocked when it’s sore.  We just tell him Poor baby… you poor thing… we always ask if there is ever anything we can do for him and his teeth because those teeth need all this attention.  So he brushes them and then I have to cut up the apples he has to eat now into LITTLE TEENYYYY TINNNNY pieces…. so as not to let his brackets break….  so that was Wednesday….

He’s a nut!  He knows he’s a nut!  He loves being a nut!  So we let him be a nut!

Hugs For Everyone

Connor is always a hoot when she comes out of school.  Her and Ali both have a flock of friends that walk with them until they get to the van.  So on this day they spent a little time outside the van and said goodbye.  It was rather cute….  they had a big group hug and I have to say it lasted a good 20 seconds…  then BREAK off on their own separate ways….  We went to gym and the other kids went home…  I love this picture, I think it shows how they really are good kids.  YES they are goofy most of the time, but I really think that they are GOOD — GOODNESS from inside.  They know the difference between right and wrong and how to treat others fairly and nicely.  I am always taking them aside and saying “remember to be good”.  They probably think I’m a nut for saying it so often but I just want them to always have that bug in their ear.

Hugs can last until I see you next…..

Published on: January 29, 2011

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