Welcome to 2008….

We are well under way in 2008! I hope that everyone is doing well. We are back at school and work and again full swing into gymnastics season. Nathan, Connor and Devan are all competing almost every weekend from now until the end of April! They boys team (Nathan) hosted a meet at our home gym this past weekend and it was crazy but nice. We raised funds to help offset the costs of meet fees and assessments. Which is always nice when you have many kids competing!

Can you say second mortgage? LOL!

Not sure if I’m kidding on that one of not….

Anyways Nathan did wonderful. I only got 4 of the 6 events video taped because of the craziness of hosting the meet plus trying to watch like any other parent. So those I probably won’t be putting up on Youtube.

However, the girls meets weren’t at home and I as able to sit in the stands and watch. So I have their meets posted on youtube. They did great and as usual came home with a boat load of medals!

Connor is working really hard at Level 5!

After all was said and done between the girls and boys we ended up with 7 trophies for the team this weekend! WOO HOO way to go TEAM!

Here are the links to the meets:



Published on: January 14, 2008

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