What a trip…..

Now that I am home from my trip I’ll begin to share a few of the photos and things from all my worldly travels. Well I just have to say that I was just so thrilled to be back HOME with my family and enjoyed every single second of being there. SO much as a matter of fact that I am now in the process of convincing everyone else here to move back. Gimmie some time, I might be showing up on someone’s doorstep soon!

I have a great family and want to share them with my kids and show them that even when you leave for a very long time what makes a family special is to be able to just fall right back into place without skipping a beat. I felt so wonderful being there, just like I had never left. I really learned a lot about what family means.

Anne thank you for just being you and knowing that you care. You are a constant in my life no matter how far apart we are. You truely are one of the major influences in my life (I don’t know if you knew that?). Thank you! I love you.

Frank, you couldn’t even LOOK at me before I’d start to cry because I just knew you realized how much I missed everyone. You have a soul that I can see on the outside and feel it in your hug. I really didn’t want to let go of any of that feeling. It’s incredible how far this family has come and we all still have that connection no matter what is going on in our lives. I love you.

Mary, you certainly throw a hell of a bash! And how amazing is it that those itty bitty girls of yours are grown up! WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN. I have to tell you though, it sure made me look at my kids different when I came home. It happens way to fast. You have to treasure each moment and capture it forever in your heart and don’t let time go by without telling the people who mean something to you that you love them. I love you.

Jim, your stories are amazing and I love that I have shared in a few of the great ones in your life. Nothing beats hiking the canyon with you. Your adventures are always something I want to hear about. Being with you and your family are some of the strongest memories I have of being a kid and I thank you for that! I love you.

Dad, WOW-how WONDERFUL DID THIS ALL WORK OUT? I couldn’t have asked for more perfect timing on everything that happened that weekend. It was all just meant to be. From the moment I said to you I got a plane ticket and you thinking I was kidding and then it all happend — way to fast I might add — I love you!

Grandma and Grandpa, all you have to do is look at these pictures and it says it all. I love you with more than what I can say in words. What amazing roots I have, they are imbeded deep within my being and are the strongest I know. Without a doubt my love for family and love for each and everyone of you comes FROM my soul which is apart of each and every one of you and especially grandma and grandpa. Without your strength and struggles none of these amazing dreams would have become a reality. My family is the best.

God, thank you for putting me here and now. Posted by Picasa

Published on: December 2, 2006

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