What a weekend!!!!

Well the meets are all done and we’re recovering nicely. They all did just amazing as usual and had a great time! I am constantly amazed at these kids and their abilities and each day wonder how they can be just so amazing and still give me “attitude” — yes normal I’m sure but still makes me wonder. [insert chuckle here] — Yep!

I will get some photos up as soon as I get them off the card. I need to learn how to easily convert our dvd video and put it up on youtube so that it’s simple to share and show all the kids routines. I’ll see if I can figure that out this week….

So now that it’s all over, I really need a LONG WINTERS NAP!!!! — unfortunately winter is something that we skipped here in Arizona and I’m NOT BRAGGING! There were very few days to say “hey let’s call someone NORTH and tell them what the temperature is”!!! SERIOUSLY — We went straight from October [100’s] – to March [100’s] — HOW CAN THAT BE! Bragging rights have long since past and the ‘heat is on’ as they say. When you can swim comfortably in MARCH — EARLY MARCH — and it’s still technically winter that is just WRONG! WRONG WRONG WRONG!!!!

It’s March 18th and 11:00 at night and here is our current temperature… and this is the airport which is generally 2-5 degrees cooler than our yard…

See that? Bragging???? Surely NOT!

I still blame the Tsunami from 2005 for tilting the earth off it’s axis and shifting the climate zones all over and throwing the world out of whack. I’m surprised that the dinosaurs have yet begun to roam the earth.

Published on: March 18, 2007

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