What is WiKi….

Wiki Wiki is a reduplication of wiki, a Hawaiian-language word for fast. The word “wiki” (/wiːkiː wiːkiː/) is a shorter form of wiki wiki. WikiWikiWeb was the first site to be called a wiki.

It all started with that website listed above but one of the most well known of course is Wikipedia.com. I’ve seen listed on many many websites a Wiki — i thought it was short for Wikipedia, little did I know that it’s a hawaiian term for republication. Meaning it’s a collaborative journal type environment where anyone (in many instances) can load information on a subject. So needless to say some of the information may not be that accurate. So be sure when you are sighting a “wiki” as a reference that you are confident in it’s content. So find next time you come accross a site and on the sidebar you see listed the word WIKI, it’s most likely information gathered from many sources and since many there are many passionate people out there on many different subjects I’m sure there is a wealth of knowledge out there waiting to be shared amongst everyone. Don’t feel afraid to contribute as well if you are confident in your knowledge, let the world know what you do!

Information: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wiki

Published on: November 19, 2007

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