Well after a rough couple of weeks things seem to be getting back to normal around our house. We have had some big things going on and we’re finally moving on and getting things back in control…..

First off my grandpa passed away and that was a really rough ordeal. He is very special to me in many different ways that I can’t even being to go into at this point. But needless to say he taught me many things and was always there for me.

Devan has now had 4 sanctioned level 7 meets and is doing very well. She’s working on her series on beam and is tumbling like a bird. She flys so dang high! Her floor music is Ratatouille from the movies closing credits. She’s working on getting over some fear issues on bars as far as her giants go. Those things are just amazing but obviously when you’re spinning around the bar with just your hands you have to shift them in such a way that you stay on. Pretty amazing stuff!!


Connor is working on getting her Level 5 Routine perfected so that she can move up to Level 6. She will be there soon. She’s also in the TOPS program. This is called the Talent Opportunity Program. If she qualifies she gets to train with the national team at the training center in Texas on a monthly basis. She’s been working really hard and has to be very flexible (which she is) and strong (which she is) — she has her cast handstands and press handstands she has to be able to run fast and jump high. He has her over splits on the boards which shows her flexibility. The testing is done again in June (I think) and we will let you know the results when they are in. She should do very well.

Casey is now working from home full time — his office is closing and moving all of their employees in Arizona to telecommuting. So far it’s been OK, but I can see how this is going to drive me batty. Need I say more????? So he has his office space set up in the bedroom and is constantly on speakerphone with the office. Busy Busy Busy!!!!!

Well, Becca got her drivers license and is tooling around by herself now. We purchased a 1992 Ford Explorer for her that works awesome. She is enjoying her (little) bit of freedom and we’re getting used to it too. I have to wonder how any parents have done this — sorry to my parents who must have just though that someday she’ll go through this too — the paranoia when your kid is behind the wheel all by themselves and you have absolutely NO CONTROL. I mean it’s one thing to be sitting in the passenger seat but to have her going to the store and friends and school — YIKES!!! Parental wordiness sets in BIG TIME!!! So all I have to remember is that someday, SHE TOO will go through this and I will just sit back and knowing that this wonderful right of passage goes on from one generation to another.

Taylor is doing awesome, she is excelling in school and in her flute playing. She has taken up tumbling the past year and now has her back handspring. She was recently accepted into the District Honor Band. This requires auditions and extra time to practice at the high schools. We have officially turned in her high school registration and can’t believe that we are going to have 3 GIRLS in high school. She is planning on taking marching band next year which requires her to start school 2 weeks early for marching band practices so that they are ready for the first football game the first week of school. She is excited to play piccolo. Most likely she will get one for her birthday in April!

Nathan is doing great at his schooling! He has a lizard that is the freakiest looking thing and I won’t touch but eats tons of crickets. He loves to play his video games with his dad and sometimes I wonder if he ever gets up long enough to eat or go to the bathroom. But as long as he is keeping up with school and getting out of the house for some sun I can’t argue too much. He is a good kid and is always there to give me a hug. Seriously he is really smart about some of these video games and even has his own YouTube account with instructions on how to score higher.

The dogs are doing well.

So that’s all for now —–

Published on: February 10, 2009

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